Nassau County property search 101

Nassau County is one of the fastest growing counties in New York. In fact, a lot of people consider it as one of the best places to live in the United States. Nassau’s economy is thriving and it is filled with awesome employment opportunities. It is also filled with a lot a number of tourist attractions such as the Old Bethpage Village Restoration, Museum Row, Americana Manhasset, Sands Point, Sagamore Hill National Historic Site, and the Old Westbury Gardens. So, it’s good to invest in a Nassau property. But, before you do so, you have to do an extensive Nassau County property search so you could find all the information needed on the properties that you want to invest in. It also allows you to have multiple choices and helps you get the best value for your money.

Here are some Nassau County property search tips that you use in finding the right property to invest in:

1. Use an online multiple listing service (MLS) search engine.

MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICEThere are a number of multiple listing services (MLS) services that you can use online. MLS is a tool that helps listing brokers find buyers. It also helps buyers find a property that’s suited to their needs and budget. It is a powerful force for competition so you’ll probably find a reasonably priced property through the MLS search engine. Online multiple listing services provide extensive information about the listed properties which includes:

  • Detailed property information (current property owners, property sales history, year built, square footage, liens, real estate taxes, zoning, permits, and all other relevant information)
  • Property map
  • Pre-foreclosures
  • Foreclosures
  • Property photos
  • Properties for sale.

To search for a Nassau property using an MLS search engine, you just need to type the zip code. Here’s a guide that you can use:

Town Village Zip Code
Hempstead Albertson 11507
Hempstead Atlantic Beach 11509
Hempstead Baldwin 11510
Oyster Bay Bayville 11709
Hempstead Bellmore 11710
Oyster Bay Beathpage 11714
North Hempstead Carle Place 11514
Hempstead Cedarhurst 11516
Hempstead East Meadow 11554
Hempstead Elmont 11003
Oyster Bay East Norwich 11518
Oyster Bay Farmingdale 11774




Hempstead Floral Park 11002


Hempstead Freeport 11520
Hempstead Franklin Square 11010
Hempstead and North Hempstead Garden City 11530





Oyster Bay Jericho 11853


Oyster Bay Hicksville  









Hempstead Inwood 11696


Hempstead Hewlett 11557
Oyster Bay Greenvale 11548
Hempstead Island Park 11558
Hempstead Lawrence 11559
Hempstead Levittown 11756
Oyster Bay Locust Valley 11560
Long Beach Long Beach 11561
Hempstead Lynbrook 11564


North Hempstead and Hempstead New Hyde Park 11041







North Hempstead Manhasset 11030
Oyster Bay Mill Neck 11765
Oyster Bay Massapequa Park 11762
North Hempstead Roslyn 11576
Oyster Bay Sea Cliff 11579
North Hempstead Williston Park 11596
Hempstead Woodmere 11598
Oyster Bay Woodbury 11797

You can check a web zip code finder for the full list. After entering the zip code, filter by listing type – new, luxury, open houses, and price cuts. You can also filter your search by checking the property type. Are you looking for a single home, an apartment, a townhouse, a multi-family compound, a vacant land, or a mobile home?

Some online MLS websites allow you to filter your search by:

  • The price that you’re willing to pay
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Age of home
  • Lot size

Online Nassau County property search is convenient and you do not need to make a commitment or shell out money to check out the properties.

2. Online Non-MLS listings

If you do not want to deal with agents then you should try non MLS listing sites. These sites will allow you to get a better deal because you do not have to pay commissions.

3. com

You can find just about anything on Craigslist. You can find jobs, services, and even houses on this online directory. Craigslist is user friendly and it is easy to navigate. However, you cannot be sure of the credibility of people selling their properties on this site.

4. Deal with Agents

Well, the most traditional way of doing a Nassau County property search is to deal with real estate agents and let them do the search for you.

Nassau is a great place to live in so if you’re thinking of moving this beautiful county then you should do a Nassau County property search.

One stop shop for residential or commercial properties in Nassau County property search.

SEO: Tips in Optimizing your Website

Due to the influx of keyword heavy sites with thin content, search engines have continuously improved on the way they find and rank content for users. This means SEO itself has to be more holistic in its aim to develop visibility and internet traffic that caters to the online audience. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Do your research

SEOSEO is one of the key aspects of internet marketing, but it is a complex process that leaves you with a lot to consider. So, before diving into SEO marketing, it would be a great idea to start reading up on it. There are a lot of free tutorials and self-help content regarding SEO’s, content marketing, and search engine friendly web development that you can look up online. This will give you some basic knowledge about SEO marketing and developing a web site that can easily be identified and understood by search engines.

Do not sacrifice quality content and positive user experience for ads and keyword stuffing

Remember that the reason why people come, stay and return to your site is all about quality content management, user-friendly interface, and solid infrastructure. These have to be weighty, informative and easy to understand. Search engines have even developed ways where worthwhile and helpful content that brings about high user satisfaction get rewarded. The more users, costumers, and consumers you impress with these, the higher your search engine rankings will be.

Be consistent on all platforms

When you want to have better traffic, having consistent keywords and domain names, maybe even having the keywords within your domain name, will have a positive effect on visibility. This will make your site more accessible and allow search engines to direct internet traffic into your site more easily. This means that keywords should be used not only within your web page but other social media and advertising platforms as well. This will help in getting your brand more widely recognized and allow users to find your site easily.

Choose Keywords carefully

KeywordsKeywords are the hooks through which you can catch attention and visibility in the net, but not all keywords are the same. You have to find out what key words will better show what your company, service, or product stands for and make sure that you are seen by your target audience. This means figuring out which keywords are most likely to be used when people look for the product or service to which you cater to.

Consider what makes your company different from others and what you offer that sets you apart. You should have a good idea on who you are catering to and what it is they are looking for. This way you can come up with better, more specific keywords that will allow your site to rank higher in the search results page.

Develop your website for the User and for the Search Engine

No matter how hard you worked to get your webpage look fun, entertaining and informative, it will all be for nothing if search engines can’t ‘see’ any of it. Keep in mind that what you see on your computer’s browser may look nothing like what the search engine ‘crawls’ through. The fun colors and huge title may look great, but search engines can’t ‘read’ rich media and therefore, will have no way of knowing what your website is about. In order for your web page to show in search results you have to look at the text cache and see if it is worthwhile content in the eyes of the search engine.

When optimizing your search engine visibility, remember that you are catering to both the internet user and the search engine. Finding a good balance when catering to your online audience or costumer and to the algorithms that search engines use in coming up with search result rankings is an integral part of effective SEO marketing.