Tips on How to Make Your First Keynote Speech

Receiving your first invitation to be a keynote speaker is probably one of the best and most overwhelming experiences. This kind of invitation would mean that your skills and achievements are impressive and good enough to prove that you’re capable of delivering a speech in front of many people. Being a speaker can not only help you earn a large amount of money, but also give you the chance to build rapport with different businesses and organizations.

Delivering a keynote speech in front of crowd for the first time is not easy because you are not only speaking, you are telling a story. This requires not only your speaking voice but also your mind, body, and soul. Mind includes the knowledge and information that you need to relay to your audience. Your body movements, like hand and head gestures, are also important in speaking. The last one is the soul which requires you to interact emotionally with your listeners.

Always remember that delivering a keynote speech is different from delivering other speeches. A keynote speaker must know how to educate and entertain at the same time. Of course, he or she also needs to be familiar with the basics, such as:

1.Know the difference between a keynote speaker and other professional speakers.

You have to know first how a keynote speech is different from other type of speeches. It is already a given that you know how to create and organize the content of a speech. You just have to know how to deliver it in an informative yet interesting way. The main purpose of a keynote speech is to educate and unite the audience without making them feel bored.

A keynote speaker is encouraged to deliver his or her speech through storytelling. This will allow him or her to interact and connect with the audience. Keep in mind that a normal speech often merely involves reading and memorization, while a keynote speech requires you go with the flow. Well, it’s still perfectly fine to use your notes as a guide.

2.Know more about the audience, occasion, and client’s organization.

Any speeches would usually require you to know more about your audience. As a keynote speaker, you are required to go deeper than that. You also have to know more about the organization and the important details about of the event. You have to do extensive research.

Keynote SpeakerAs you do your research, try to focus on the purpose of the organization, the nature and theme of the event, the general idea of your topic, the diversity level and demographics of the audience, and last but not the least, your co-speakers and their topics. This will give you an idea on what to discuss, especially since most speakers are not affiliated with the sponsoring organization.

3.You don’t need to write the whole speech.

As mentioned, you can use bullets or notes for your guide. While it’s acceptable to read entire speeches in certain events, the same cannot be said for those that require a keynote to be delivered. You have avoid reading, and learn to say what’s on your mind and heart. This will help you deliver your speech naturally and in a most interesting way.

Learn to use humor in your keynote speech and don’t be afraid to take advantage of riddles, jokes, real-life experiences, slideshows, and audience participation. Keep in mind that as a speaker, your main purpose is to educate without making your audience feel bored.

It might be hard for a beginner like you to pull off your first ever keynote speech, but don’t worry because these tips will guide you accordingly. Also, always remember that practice makes perfect.