Types of Golf Bags

Before you proceed to buy some golf bags, you first have to know which kinds of these bags you actually need. It would definitely save you a lot of time if you know what you want to buy and what these bags will be able to do for you. This way, you will not just go and buy every single type of bag you see without really knowing what you are supposed to do with the bags.

Listed below are the different types of golf bags that you should keep in mind :

Sunday or Pencil Bags

These bags are lightweight and are commonly carried by the players. It has a 6 inch top and can hold the standard 14 clubs at once. It would also be easy for you to keep them in a locker or in the car as they are very slim and are meant to be portable and easily carried. However, these bags offer very little rain protection so you may have to look for other bags if there are extreme weather conditions around.

Cart Bags

Cart bags are made specifically so that they can be carried on carts or golf buggies. Lady golfers usually prefer this type of bags as they are lightweight but very durable and can carry a large amount of equipment.

Cart bags usually have many pockets and added space so players can keep their covers, balls and other valuables, as well. These bags are also covered by rigid or plastic lining to keep them safe from harsh weather conditions.

Stand Bags

Stand Bags have “legs” which allow the players to let them stand on the ground and carry the equipment as they practice or play. These bags are great when it comes to keeping your equipment from getting dirty and also makes it easier for you to take out the clubs if you already need to use them or to just keep them standing by. Check if the bags are able to withstand strong winds before buying. You may have to pay more for these than for Sunday bags though, but don’t worry because they are also more useful and durable and can certainly last longer.

Travel Bags

For those who love to join tournaments abroad or who just like to bring their equipment with them while traveling, travel bags are definitely what they must buy. Golf bags are placed inside the travel bags to protect them and so they can easily be brought in planes or whichever form of transportation you are going to take.

Golf BagsYou may choose between soft or hard cased travel bags. Hard cased ones are said to be sturdier and can better protect your equipment so you may want to check those out. However, if you prefer lightweight bags, you should go for the soft cased ones, especially if you are going backpacking. Soft cased bags are also beneficial for those who will take car rental services as these are allowed by most companies.

Tour Bags

Tour bags are the largest type of bags that usually weight up to 45 pounds, and of course can carry a lot of equipment. These are also called “professional bags” as they are usually used for big time tournaments such as PGA tours. Caddies bring these bags with them during 5 hour round games.

Aside from golf clubs, you can also use these bags to hold other equipment for you such as balls, gloves, extra clothing and refreshments. These bags are also better suited to trolleys rather than being carried by the players themselves.

What’s your type?

Now that you know what each of these golf bags do, it will be easier for you to find what you are looking for. Choose carefully and make sure that you are able to buy the best kind of bag for you.